Two Dead, 13 Injured in CGP Shipbreak Accident

An accident at the shipbreaking beach of Chattogram, Bangladesh, has taken the lives of two workers, while another thirteen suffered severe injuries, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform said.
The accident occurred in the afternoon hours of August 31 at Ziri Subedar shipbreaking yard during scrapping operations on the ship CSL Virginia.
NGO Shipbreaking Platform said that a heavy cable collapsed on the ship, hitting several workers at once. The injured workers were transported to Chattogram Medical College Hospital for treatment. Following the accident, local authorities ordered the temporary closure of the yard.
Relevant officials have launched an investigation into the matter.
So far this year, fifteen shipbreaking workers have lost their lives in Chattogram.
“It’s sad that our regulatory authorities had to wait for deaths of seven workers and grievous injuries of fifteen in a row of seven incidences in this yard alone since 2011,” Rizwana Hasan, Chief Executive of the Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) and Platform’s board member, said.
The container ship CSL Virginia, beached in Bangladesh in February 2019, was owned and managed by Andreas Hadjiyiannis’ Cyprus Sea Lines, NGO Shipbreaking Platform cited shipping media.
The vessel was sent to the scrapyard after its fuel tanks were breached in a collision with a Tunisian ferry off Corsica in October 2018. 
該事故發生在8月31日下午的Ziri Subedar拆船場, CSLVirginia船上進行報廢作業時。
令人遺憾的是,我們的監管當局必須等到自2011年以來7名工人死亡,連續發生7起事件中 15人重傷 Lizwana Hasan,孟加拉國環境律師協會(BELA)和平台的首席執行官董事會成員說。
集裝箱船CSL Virginia於2019年2月在孟加拉國擱淺,由Andreas Hadjiyiannis的塞浦路斯海運公司擁有和管理,非政府組織拆船平台引用航運媒體。

Imformation source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: Splash 247