Maersk Honam Shipped to Hyundai Heavy for Rebuild

The ultra large containership Maersk Honam, which suffered a major fire in March 2018, was cut in two and would be shipped to South Korea for rebuilding.
Following the incident, which claimed the lives of five seafarers, the vessel was moved alongside for thorough inspections and discharge operations in the Jebel Ali Port (UAE) in June 2018.
According to a Maersk spokesperson, the containership has now been cut into two parts at the Drydock World Dubai (UAE).
The sound, 228.5-metres-long section from midship to stern will be transported aboard the heavy-lift vessel Xin Guan Hua to Hyundai Heavy Industries, where it would be rebuilt, in February. The section is scheduled to arrive at the shipyard in March 2019, where it would be rebuilt with a new forward section.
Maersk added that the former forward section would be safely moored at Drydock World Dubai for continued removal of damaged containers and debris.
“Once cleaned, it will be recycled. In accordance with our Responsible Ship Recycling Standard (RSRS), relevant recycling options are currently being investigated and evaluated,” the spokesperson said.
The rebuilt vessel is expected to resume service again in the second half of 2019.
超大型集裝箱船Maersk Honam 於2018年3月遭遇重大火災,被削為兩艘,將被運往韓國進行重建。
事件發生後,這艘船奪走了五名海員的生命,該船2018年6月在Jebel ALi港(阿聯酋)進行徹底檢查和卸貨作業。
馬士基補充說,先前前段部分將安全停泊在Drydock World Dubai,以便繼續拆除受損的集裝箱和碎片。

Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: Marine Traffic