Fuel Spills from Maersk during Bunkering in HK

An unknown quantity of bunker fuel has spilled from a container vessel owned by Danish shipping giant Maersk during bunkering operations in Hong Kong, a company spokesperson confirmed to World Maritime News.
“We can confirm that on January 6 our container vessel Maersk Gateshead had oil spilling during bunkering operations while at berth at Modern Terminal Limited in Hong Kong,” the statement read.
The company said that bunkering operations were ceased instantly and the leakage was stopped.
Hong Kong Marine Department and Environmental Protection Administration were informed and clean-up operations carried on throughout the day, on vessel deck, hull and sea surface.
The 4,340 TEU Maersk Gateshead, which arrived at the terminal in the evening hours of January 5, has suspended all cargo operations and is awaiting further instructions.
“Maersk takes this incident very seriously. In coordination with relevant authorities an investigation into the circumstances behind the incident has been launched,” the spokesperson added.

“我們可以確認,1月6日,我們的集裝箱船Maersk Gateshead在加油期間在香港現代碼頭有限公司停泊期間發生溢油事故,”聲明中寫道。
1月5日晚上抵達碼頭的4,340標準箱Maersk Gateshead已暫停所有貨物作業,正在等待進一步指示。

Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: Maritime Bulletin